Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Community Partners of South Florida provides Reverse mortgage counseling.  Our housing counselor is prepared to discuss general topics and guidance to clients desiring reverse mortgage counseling. 

As a part of the program, we have committed that all of our counselors shall have strong practical, as well as theoretical knowledge in the area of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) counseling as it relates to the elderly homeowners population. The cost for HECM session is $135 and can be paid up front.  Clients below 200% of federal poverty level will not be charged an upfront fee.  The fee can be paid upfront and at closing using loan funds.  Clients will not be turned away due to inability to pay.


Steps Used to Analyze Client’s Housing Needs:

  • Initial screening interview to determine if client is eligible for service requested
  • Intake procedures
  1. Collect demographics and client objectives.
  1. Disclose fees and provide an overview of the counseling process to come.
  2. Discuss special needs.
  3. Invite participation by family members other support people
  4. Schedule appointment and provide packet
  5. Provide pre-counseling materials to all clients before counseling.

a. Preparing for your counseling session (attachment A-1)

b. Printouts of loan estimates, amortization schedule and TALC

c. Agency disclosure and fee policy disclosure 

  • Housing Counselor will meet with the client one-on-one and review client’s information to determine if the client is qualified for HECM.  Counselor will use mandatory web-based tools (CBRIT).  Counseling session includes confirming data, needs and goals, features, borrower obligations, costs, financial/tax implications, alternatives, fraud and abuse, covering comprehensive list of topics during the session according to Protocol, assessing whether the client has grasped the fundamental facts about reverse mortgage.  Provide additional handouts and issue certificate.
  • Follow up will include completing file, verbal and written follow up.
  • Fulfilling documentation and file requirements.


The passcode is: communitypartners

Your passcode is also sent to your email address for your future reference.

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