Non-Delinquency Post Purchase Counseling

Community Partners of South Florida has a housing counseling advisor on staff who is prepared to address all homeownership counseling topics with non-delinquency post purchase clients. The Housing Counselor will make an assessment to determine which of the homeownership counseling topics are relevant to the client’s individual needs and circumstances. Only those topics determined relevant will be discussed, unless the client has requested information on the topic.  

The housing counseling completes a prequalification form where clients are provided guidance on price range of a home, the housing and debt ratios and the importance of maintaining affordability or paying up to 35% of gross income to avoid cost overburden and possible default. The difference between gross income and net income is discussed. The selection of affordability and the selection of an affordable home is discussed and presented to clients. Topics around type of housings, energy efficiency, and continued maintenance are discussed. We also discuss governmental regulations, taxes, escrow analysis are usually discussed.

The new model is to develop quarterly trainings for homeowners around access maintenance, improvement and budgeting post purchase.  HPI will address any other topics desired by the clients.  We are getting ready to create a quarterly e-newsletter to circulate to clients seeking to purchase a home as well as those who own their home. 


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