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Martin County

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St. Lucie County

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Martin County

The State Housing Initiatives Partnership program (SHIP) in Martin County provides down payment assistance. SHIP funds can be used to cover the cost of down payment, closing, and other acquisition costs. 

  1. Up to $30,000 can be offered to moderate income households and up to $50,000 for  very low and low income households in a form of a 0% interest deferred payment loan  secured by a fifteen (15) year note. 
  3. Contact Iris Jones at (904) 234-8526 or

This program provides down payment assistance up to income eligible first-time homebuyers for purchase assistance with or without rehabilitation. Funds may be used to assist with gap financing, lot acquisition, down payment, rehabilitation, and closing cost. Funds are provided as a zero percent second  mortgage for a term of 30 years.  

  1. Up to $100,000 in assistance  
  2. Main Office (561) 233-3600

This program assists eligible first time home buyers with a loan for down payment,  principal reduction, eligible closing and prepaid costs, and rehabilitation for the purchase of  eligible owner-occupied housing. Funds are provided as a zero percent second mortgage for a  term of 20 years. 

  1. Up to $95,000 in assistance 
  2. Main Office (561) 393-7756 

This program offers SHIP funding to purchase homes throughout the City to first-time  home buyers. Funds may be utilized for down payment, closing costs and rehabilitation  assistance. Funds are provided as a zero percent second mortgage for a term of 15 years. 

a. Contact Number (561) 742-6066.

SHIP funds assist eligible first-time home buyers with deferred payment loan to be applied toward down payment and closing costs for the purchase of eligible owner occupied housing and rehabilitation costs for minor improvements to the property after closing. Subsidies are provided in the form of a zero percent second mortgage for a term of 15 years.  

  1. Up to $35,000 in assistance
  2. Contact Number (561) 243-7240

This program provides assistance to eligible with the cost of purchasing existing or newly constructed eligible affordable housing. Eligible cost includes down payment, closing cost, mortgage buy down, rehabilitation, and normal customary costs associated with buying a home. Funds secured with second mortgage at zero percent interest rate for terms up to 15 years. 

  1. Up to $40,000.00. 
  2. Contact Number (561) 822-1250

St Lucie County

St Lucie County provides home purchase assistance for the down payment and closing costs associated with purchasing a home. Assistance is provided in the form of a zero percent interest, deferred payment loan. 

  1. Homes eligible for purchase through the program must be located in unincorporated St. Lucie County 
  3. For more information about the program, feel free to call the office.  

               Jennifer Hance, Housing Manager 

                Connie McIver, Senior Housing Program Specialist 

                St. Lucie County Community Services-Housing                                    Division 

                437 N. 7th Street, Fort Pierce, FL 34950 

                (772) 462-1777 

                TDD (772) 462-1428

This program administers a state funded home purchase program (with SHIP funds) when sufficient funds are available. Currently, no funding has been allocated to the SHIP program.

1. Please call (772) 344-4084 if you have any further questions.

2. Get more information through Florida Housing: 


1. Find out if you are eligible for the grant program by calling the Port St. Lucie, FL down payment assistance line (888) 767-0554

2. Call Tony Mac at (773) 322-6884.

    a. Need 620 Credit Score

    b. Only covers down payment, no closing cost 

    c. Works with up to 140% of the median income

    d. 48.99 debt ratio

    e. Approved eligible

    f. Not through county or state but through the lender 

Florida Housing offers down payment and closing cost assistance in the form of a second mortgage loan to assist eligible homebuyers with their down payment and closing costs. Down payment assistance is only available when used with Florida Housing’s first mortgage loan. 

These include down payment assistance as well as separate down payment assistance programs, some specific to certain counties while others are available for the whole state.

Loan and Down Payment Assistance Packages:

  • 2021 – First Time Home Buyers 105% (CLTV) Special Conventional Mortgage  Financing including Closing Costs available for entire State of Florida
  • 2021 Florida – Salute Our Soldiers TBA Preferred First              Mortgage with a FORGIVABLE GRANT – Down Payment program is for the entire State of Florida for all Active or Veterans

Down Payment Assistance Programs:

  • 2021 Florida – Salute Our Soldiers TBA Repayable 2nd Mortgage program is for the entire State of Florida for all Active or Veterans 2021 Conventional Preferred Plus Down Payment Assistance mortgage grant
  • 2021 AFR Advantage Special FHA Financing 3.5% Grant program – (100%  Financing)
  • 2021 Florida – (HFA) Housing Finance Authority for the entire State of Florida
  • 2021 Florida Assist HFA State Bond Down Payment Assistance Program for all Florida counties
  • 2021 UNLIMITED INCOME DPA Edge 100% Mortgage Financing
  • 2021 Rate Advantage 100% Mortgage Loan Financing
  • 2021 Federal Home Loan Bank Down Payment Assistance Matching Grant
  • 2021 House 2 Home FHA Down Payment Assistance for ALL Florida Counties
  • Each program has extensive details and requirements written out clearly on website 
  • FREE telephone support for ALL Florida counties, please call: (863) 800-1011


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