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Our Homebuyers Club Members Get an Early Look at PBC’s Purchase Assistance Grant

By Lynda Charles | Vice President | Housing Services Community Partners of South Florida

We are so proud of both our Riviera Beach and our West Palm Beach Homebuyers Clubs! We know how hard our classes work, and we are working just as hard to get them to the finish line of homeownership. That’s why we wanted to give them the best first chance to learn how to prepare to apply for the annual Palm Beach County (PBC) Purchase Assistance Grant for first-time homebuyers who qualify.

This past Saturday afternoon, 18 of our Homebuyers Club members joined us at the Ambassador Service Center at 1229 E. Blue Heron Blvd in Riviera Beach. We set up this fun and friendly Community Partners of South Florida (CPSFL) exclusive lunch-and-learn event to hear about the latest grant requirements since it’s entirely online for the first time this year.  

This Palm Beach County (PBC) Purchase Assistance funding is limited. It is only for PBC residents meeting specific income requirements. Once you confirm you are eligible, you must immediately go online and register for a PBC mandatory virtual orientation. The final 1.5-hour session is this Wednesday, September 15, 2021, from 3-4:30 p.m. Don’t miss out!


Go online NOW to You must attend.

The purpose of this MANDATORY Purchase Assistance (Virtual) Orientation is to provide an overview of the online application process, required documents, program description, housing counseling agencies, and a step-by-step review of the overall process.

The Palm Beach County grant application opens on September 20 and ends on October 4, 2021. ALL applicants MUST have a “First Mortgage Pre-Approval” before their application submittal.

Once again, you MUST pre-register for the PBC orientation online BEFORE 3 p.m. Wednesday, 9/15/21. Register directly with the Palm Beach County Department of Housing and Economic Development (DHED) Mortgage and Housing Investments (MHI) Division, State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) Program at Once you’ve registered, the county will send you a new link to attend the mandatory orientation.

For any further information and to see if you qualify, contact Sandra Jean Baptiste via email at or phone: 561-377-9252. For additional information and questions with Palm Beach County directly, call Antoinette at (561)233-3606 or Shannon at (561)233-3693. You can also email me, Lynda Charles, at or contact me directly at 561.841.3500 ext. 1014 if you have additional questions.

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