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Announcing Our New Lake Worth/Boynton Beach Homebuyers' Club

By Lynda Charles | Vice President | Housing Services Community Partners of South Florida

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our third Homebuyers’ Club, which will be 100% on Zoom! The Lake Worth/Boynton Beach Homebuyers’ Club will take place quarterly and will be conducted in three languages: English, Spanish, and Creole. Virtual orientation is Wednesday, August 17th. Register early. Space is limited.

The start date for the English version of the Lake Worth/Boynton Beach Homebuyers’ Club will be Wednesday, August 31st. Zoom sessions will run for five weeks and conclude on Wednesday, September 28th. Meeting times are 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. online. 

The classes will take place via Zoom. Pre-registration is required. Contact CPSFL Housing Program Assistant Lashea Brooks at sbrooks@cp-cto.org, 561.841.3500, ext. 1022. CPSFL Housing Counselor Enith Jaimes will lead the classes.

We launched our first Homebuyers’ Club in Riviera Beach three years ago, followed by one in West Palm Beach. Those unique, six-month experiences assisted residents desiring extra guidance on setting specific financial goals leading to successful homeownership. 

In addition to providing instruction on practicing better money habits, attendees receive assistance establishing personal savings goals. They become involved in their communities by joining a supportive network and experiencing the feeling of being an active team member. 

The new Lake Worth/Boynton Beach and the existing Riviera Beach and West Palm Beach Homebuyers’ Clubs are all FREE and managed by Community Partners of South Florida (CPSFL). Everyone is welcome. Attendees just need to be Palm Beach County residents.

Fifth Third Bank is one of our generous sponsors for the new Lake Worth/Boynton Beach Homebuyers’ Club, and our representative is Alesia Keller. In addition, we are partnering with BRIDGES at Highland and BRIDGES at Lake Worth. Spanish and Creole versions of the Club will follow during the next quarters, with specific dates and times announced soon.

Homebuyers’ Clubs are exciting places for people ready to begin their pathways to homeownership. Residents come together and share their individual experiences, providing dynamic opportunities for neighbors to learn from and support one another in reaching goals. 

Advisors from our CPSFL’s Housing Services department are always available to assist first-time homebuyers throughout South Florida to make wise decisions and gain financial confidence year-round. Click HERE for a complete list of our CPSFL housing services and guidance on how to register for our online financial classes. 

As always, our schedule may occasionally be subject to change, so we encourage all club members to confirm with CPSFL’s Housing Department before attending. Email me at lcharles@cp-cto.org or call me at 561.841.3500 ext. 1014 if you have additional questions. 

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