Advice From a New Homeowner: Trust the Process

By Lynda Charles | Vice President | Housing Services Community Partners of South Florida


On behalf of Community Partners of South Florida (CPSFL), I’d like to congratulate Ms. Fashara Hill. Ms. Hill closed on her beautiful new home on August 9, 2021.

My first encounter with Ms. Hill was during my presentation in the Glades about the many services CPSFL offers. At the talk, I detailed our partnership with the Riviera Beach Community Development Corporation (RBCDC) to offer the Riviera Beach Homebuyers’ Club. Fashara enrolled in our fourth class.

Hill says, “Initially, I didn’t realize all the different services available until I registered for housing services through Lynda.” 

Executive director of the RBCDC, Annetta Jenkins, says, “We are excited that Ms. Hill has purchased her first home. She was a part of the Riviera Beach Homebuyers Club, a partnership with Community Partners in facilitating successful homeownership. We are excited for this opportunity for her and her family and wish her the best.”

Hill said the program definitely prepared her for the home purchasing process. “Going through the program provided me many ways to budget, improve my credit as well as learn about the homebuying process. Every workshop was engaging and very informative,” she says.

Ludie Celucien, our CPSFL financial coach, began working with Fashara in December 2020. Ludie said that Ms. Hill was very active on everything that she was doing and motivated on savings.

“There were so many times I wanted to quit; however, my advisor Ludie, kept me motivated. She responded to every question and concern that I had. If she couldn’t answer a question, she researched the answer for me or referred me to someone who had the answer,” says Hill. 

Ms. Hill told us that her best advice for future first-time homebuyers is to trust the process. “Stay informed, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Attend all the offered workshops because doing so helps in more than one way,” she says, adding that although it’s not the easiest process, it is well worth it in the end. 

“Closing on my first home was amazing. I want to thank Ludie, Lynda, Cory, Schiller, and everyone else who participated in this process. I am so grateful for each of you in so many ways. Also, huge thanks for the financial blessing to assist with the closing!” she says. 

Fashara, it was our sincere pleasure. Our housing services staff is so happy for you. Congratulations!

For more info on our many housing services, click HERE. As always, feel free to email me, Lynda Charles, at or call me directly at 561.841.3500 ext. 1014 with any questions.

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