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Buying your first house is a big step

A home isn’t just a place; it’s where you and your family will become rooted in culture and community as you create your future together. But getting started can feel overwhelming:

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John Patrick Veasy II's Home-Buying Story

“I can’t thank Community Partners of South Florida (CPSFL) enough for all their services. It all started back in June 2019 when I went to Vickers House to do my 2018 tax returns with Carlos Hernandez. 

Carlos told me about all the CPSFL housing services. It was very interesting since I thought it would be nice to purchase a home. I registered and signed all the required documents to pull my credit report. Carlos then became my financial coach. My credit report needed some work but nothing too drastic. 

Once my credit score was ready, my file went to a counselor named Odessa Walker. She was incredible in explaining how the loan process would work. We did an action plan detailing how I could save more money for my down payment. I also attended the Homebuyers’ Education Class that Odessa offers to first-time homebuyers that is very educational (and an eye-opener, too). 

And just like that, my file was sent to the lending department, where I met Patricia Leopold and Ana Lopez. The process was the easiest I could imagine. I received pre-approval from one of the CPSFL-approved lenders, Cross Country Mortgage. I was also able to receive CPSFL’s Down Payment Assistance for $5,000, which helped me with my closing costs. 

Now I’m a proud homeowner! Thank you, CPSFL, for making my loan process enjoyable.

John Patrick Veasy II

Ina Mallet's Home-Buying Story

“I was a member of the very first Riviera Beach Homebuyer’s Club. When I began the program, I knew very little about purchasing a home. Early on, at age 19, I became financially conscious and capable while working as a bank teller. At work, I’d learned about savings, stocks, bonds, and the process of building wealth. For years, I tried to pass this financial knowledge onto my family, but not many listened.

At the Community Partners of South Florida (CPSFL) workshops, I picked up the extra skills and knowledge needed to purchase a home. Afterward, I attended college and obtained my Master’s in Social Work. Unfortunately, I acquired credit card and student loan debt in the process. And even though I was paying all my bills on time, my debt-to-income ratio was too high to obtain a loan.

So, I continued to work even harder to pay down my credit card balances. With guidance from the CPSFL team, I consolidated one card to obtain a lower interest rate. Additionally, the CPSFL housing staff connected me with American Education Services to get lower monthly payments for my student loan. 

I kept working and paid off my car loan. Eventually, I was able to get four other credit cards down to low balances. All these strategies combined with my determination eventually improved my credit until I could obtain a good mortgage with the help of CPSFL’s team. Finally, I purchased a home in the outskirts of Riviera Beach with three bedrooms, two baths, a two-car garage, and an enclosed back porch.

It feels so great to be a homeowner. Thanks for your support, CPSFL!”

Ina Mallet

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We are a comprehensive community development organization. We integrate housing and financial empowerment, child and family mental health, and community engagement to create self-sustaining families and flourishing neighborhoods. We are proud to offer our first-time homebuyer coaching as a core service. Visit


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